Your Website Deserves to Shine.

21 Day Website Fix

In less than three weeks, we will make your website as awesome as your business deserves.

Who You Are

Ordinary & Extraordinary Women

The 21 Day Website Fix is perfect for female-led small to medium businesses in any industry. You are ordinary and extraordinary women who don’t have time or the interest to wade through a bunch of sales-y nonsense, who do not want the hassle, headache or stress of learning how to DIY their website – even if you’ve done it once (or more) before.

You’re busy, you have a ton of responsibilities, your time in business and with family is sacred and already booked solid, the internet’s technical jargon is frustrating or overwhelming, and you don’t want to try to do this on your own with a bunch of YouTube videos.

You’re willing to outsource the task of website rejuvenation to a professional you can trust, who understands the value and importance of good design, and who won’t leave you hanging.

Why you're looking for support.

Have you caught yourself thinking:

You've pivoted

Your website hasn’t evolved with your business, and no longer represents you or your message to the world

It's too slow

It’s slow and laggy, and you don’t have – or want to have – a sweet clue how to deal with it

Doesn't work

Your website doesn’t work properly on mobile devices, and you have no idea how to fix it (TEST IT HERE >> )


The idea of fixing it yourself is overwhelming and feels like a giant headache

Too much to do

Updating your website feels like a huge chore – so you keep putting it off

It's too embarrassing

You’re not proud of the website you have, and you’re reluctant to share it

Looks pretty

Your website looks pretty but it doesn’t do what you need it to do

Putting it off

You know that having a website is critical for your success but you’ve put it off

Results of our 21 Day Website Rejuvenation

Your website deserves to be awesome.

It reflects YOU

Your business is not the same as everyone else’s. Your website shouldn’t be either.

It's a relief

It’s a weight off your shoulders to know that it’s done, and done well.

It works!

Your website can look pretty AND do what you – and your customers – need it to do.

It's awesome

You get great feedback from visitors on your site, and random compliments from users.

Improved UX

Your website will load faster, and your user experience (UX) will improve.

It's accessible

Your website will be more accessible to a wider range of users.

Insightful stats

Accurate, insightful stats that YOU can use to monitor your site.

Share with pride

You’re not embarrassed to share your website with friends and clients!

What's involved?

21 Day Website Fix

Your Website Rejuvenation Package

$ 3497
  • Weekly 1:1 Consults
  • Recommend & Implement Improvement Actions
  • Speed up, Clean up, Restructure, & Optimize
  • Basic Onsite SEO
  • Bedazzle Your Google Business Listing
  • Before & After Performance Analysis
  • 3-Month Followup
Only 3 spaces available per month.
Who I Am

Steph Sedgwick

Steph Sedgwick is a web designer specializing in accessible, user-friendly websites and onsite SEO for female-owned small to medium businesses. She’s on a mission to help 500 female entrepreneurs have amazing, functional websites that won’t get lost in the internet – so you can boost your sales conversions.

“I believe that good design is good for everyone. Good website design is clean, fast, functional, well-organized and accessible. Better websites = better sustainability.”

We believe the internet can be a better place for everyone. We also believe in paying it forward, and a portion of each completed project will be used towards the development or revamp of a website for a small charity.


Got questions? We love questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this take?

Seriously? It’s the 21-Day Website Fix. (This is the only not-good question.)

Why are there weekly consults?

Weekly consults are excellent ways to make sure that we’re both keeping on track. There will be homework you need to do and homework we need to do. Weekly meetups ensure the project is progressing properly.

I don't want to have to deal with this, period.

No problem! Let’s get started with fixing you up (you need to deal with that part), and then you can choose to sign up for our annual maintenance package to keep it all running smoothly.

What will I have to do?

Sign up! We’ll take care of most of the headaches. We’ll need you to compile a list of your digital profiles so we can make sure everything is up to date. And any login credentials for services like web hosting, social media, business listings would be super helpful.

What platforms do you work with?

We specialize in WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace right now. Sadly there are too many available platforms to be able to offer this service for every possibility, but you’re welcome to ask! 

What happens afterward?

At our 3-month followup, we’ll meet with you and review your site. We want to be sure everything is still tickety-boo, and that you’re set on a solid path for continuing to have an awesome website that you and your users will enjoy.

From there, it’s entirely up to you! You can choose to keep DIY-ing your website with the helpful tutorials and reference guide we’ll provide. And we won’t leave you hanging. You’ll always have a resource to help you.

No really, I don't want to have to deal with this.

WE realize you have better ways to spend your energy and attention, and YOU realize that you can strike one more big to-do task of your list and rely on us to look after you. You can sign up for our maintenance package and we’ll keep helping you make sure your website is as awesome as possible.

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